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List of projects that are using SDL_Config.

It doesn't matter if those projects are currently designed, alpha or beta tested, or finished.

If you want to see here your own project, write at: and send:
    - its name
    - short description of what it is
    - homepage adress
    - author
    - few sentences about how it is using config files
    - anything else what you feel is important, I'm updating this list by hand, so it is quite flexible

  • Herbata kto ty tak kr?liczek

    • Author: Koshmaar

    • Homepage:, game (7.2 MB .zip with exe for Windows) can be downloaded here.

    • Description: It was peacefull, sunny day in the early spring. Two cute little white furry bunnies met on meadow, full of fresh grass. As history is telling us, their names were: Zgrzegrzyslaw and Krzesimir.

      Zgrzegrzyslaw saw that Krzesimir was just the same as him, up to every single pixel! Also, Krzesimir saw that Zgrzegrzyslaw was just the same as him, up to every single pixel!

      And that was just too much for two cute little white furry bunnies. You know, there can be only one etc. So they pulled out carrot guns, tomatoe launchers and banana bombs, and started long and epic battle, which was going to change history...

    • Config files: they are used for storing simple option values across sessions. Config file is very short, so I paste it here:

      Fullscreen = false
      ShowIntro = false
      SelectedLevel = "1"

    • Screenshots:

  • Archanoid

    • Author: Koshmaar

    • Homepage:, game (4.8 MB .zip with Windows .exe) can be downloaded here.

    • Description: Arkanoid/Breakout like game made as a university project.

    • Config files: they are used for three types of things. First, they make it easier to change certaing game options, ie. fullscreen on/off, color depth, sound on/off etc. since there's no in-game menu. Appropriate config file looks like this:

      screen_size_x = 640
      screen_size_y = 480
      fullscreen = true
      bpp = 32
      sound = true
      texturesList = "textures/textures.cfg"
      soundsList = "sounds/sounds.cfg"

      Second, they are used to describe each game level. Each brick that you see on screen is described by separate section. Sample:

      background = "Wolf"
      show_background = true
      x = 20
      y = 10
      balls = 5
      x = 100
      y = 200
      texture = "Brick1"
      powerup = "Points"
      x = 150
      y = 200
      texture = "Brick1"
      powerup = "CacheBall
      // etc.

      Third, they're used to for listing all textures and sounds that should be cached by game engine before game begins, ie:

      filename = "textures\about.png"
      filename = "textures\help.png"
      filename = "textures\SmallStone.png"
      filename = "textures\wolf.png"

      Then, coder can refer to "textures\wolf.png" simply by using "Wolf" handle.

    • Screenshots:

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