SDL_Config 0.5
Posted by Koshmaar on October 09 2006 21:51:57
Finally, next version of SDL_Config has been completed! Though it took me very long time to finish it, I hope you'll find effects of my work satysfying.

Without further delay, here's the change log:


 - multiple value entries are supported!
 - added CFG_USE_MULTIMAP define which makes SDL_Config use std::multimap instead of std::map to store groups,
   so now you can have groups with the same name
 - lib can be compiled as DLL (uses DECLSPEC predefined by SDL) - by default it builds DLL,
    however you can still easily build static library
 - itoa got removed in favour of sprintf, so now SDL_Config is almost -ansi compatible
   (but VS 2005 throws warnings about using deprecated function).
 - well, almost -ansi compatible (except long long, which is referenced in sys/types.h included by SDL)
 - confirmed that it works with SDL 1.2.11 and that it can be compiled by Visual Studio 2005 (+project files attached)
 - due to SDL_config.h file which has been added to SDL in 1.2.10, and which conflicted with my own SDL_config.h,
   I had to rename my to SDL_config_lib.h
 - changed versioning scheme from single float value to three ints accessed through SDL_version - the same
    as in SDL/SDL_TTF etc.

 - third option for bool users - SDL_bool, also introduced new way of setting bool version
 - back to begin_code.h / end_code.h include, removed unneeded macro CFG_BUILD_STATIC_LIB
 - fixed little bug when iterating over groups which appeared on VS8
 - improved some tests (+created new one: 007), as well as library code modularization
 - all external functions use SDLCALL (defaults to __cdecl on most platforms) which is a macro predefined by SDL
 - managed to run test 006, which is a SDL_Config test written in C, in VS 2005 Pro :-)
 - SDL.h is not included in SDL_config_lib.h, it includes only headers that are necessary
 - fixed bug in CFG_OpenFile: file stream wasn't closed
 - fixed bug in CFG_SaveFile: now passing 0 as filename will properly save everything to the same file
 - documentation was polished a bit, also now it's built using newer version of Natural Docs
You can download it from here.

I'm happy to announce that Roman Kyrylych has informed me about some problems with C compatibility, insisted on adding DLL and SDL_bool support, told about problems with __cplusplus defines and generally was very helpful during the developement of this version of SDL_Config.
Thanks Roman!

Btw, did you notice that there are already over ten thousand hits on this page and nearly 1000 downloads of all versions of SDL_Config... wow :-)