Happy New Year 2006!
Posted by Koshmaar on January 01 2006 16:21:39
Yup, may new year be for all of us as good as was 2005 for Google ;-)

As you have probably noticed, this site was down for about 2 months. That's due to the fact, that SourceForge changed MySQL vesion, and one tiny thing in server users permissions, which prevented me from installing PHP Fusion. So, after some time I decided to change SDL_Config's homepage server to that which belongs to my university. Thank you AGH :-)

Everything was transfered to new server and everything works fine, apart from few stupid warnings at the top of each article. Don't let them distract you, they probably will be removed within few days.

UPDATE: after few days of struggling, with immense help of Pieka, main administrator of polish support of PHP-Fusion, and some help from my friend, Slash, I was able to fix those problems. Thank you guys! Though we don't know what was causing them (probably some php safety restrictions on server), we fixed them in the lamest possible way, that is, we disabled generation of warnings along with ability of users to rate and comment articles :-) So, the problem still exists but at least nobody will see those ugly warnings at top of each article :-)

Btw, one last thing. Unfortunately, currently I don't have time to work on new SDL_Config version, since it's the time when poor students have to pass some stupid exams (calculus etc.) to stay at their uni... :-/