SDL_Config 0.4
Posted by Koshmaar on December 30 2005 18:29:30
As you may expect, new version of SDL_Config has been released :-) Without much talking from my side, here's change log:

Major: - added function which returns the number of groups (CFG_GetGroupCount()) - added functions for iterating through all groups (CFG_StartGroupIteration(), CFG_SelectNextGroup() CFG_IsLastGroup()) and removing selected groups when iterating (CFG_RemoveSelectedGroup()) - added function for changing the direction of iteration (CFG_SetIterationDirection()) - added functions which return currently selected file (CFG_GetSelectedFile()) and its name (CFG_GetSelectedFileName()) - changed behaviour of CFG_OpenFile() and CFG_OpenFile_RW(): now, if operation was successfull, new file is always selected - added flag CFG_COMPRESS_OUTPUT to CFG_SaveFile(), which removes all spaces, that otherwise would be added to improve readability etc. - compile time define CFG_REMOVE_GROUP_SPACES controls whether spaces from within groups will be removed - compile time define CFG_ASSERT_NULL_ENABLED which asserts places where pointer to file could be nullified (by programmers error) Minor: - fixed bug - additional " (CFG_DOUBLE_QUOTE character) was added after post comment to some text entries - fixed bug: now groups are also saved in original order when using CFG_SORT_ORIGINAL - integer values that don't fit into Sint32 are now detected also by their exact value (not only length) - fixed misc things, which could result in potential bugs - improvements in documentation, fixes, clarifications etc., source code more readable removed some deprecated constructions etc. - new test 002

As you can see, I'm not so lazy as I sometimes pretend to be ;-) Obviously, you can grab newest release from the downloads page.