SDL_Config 0.3
Posted by Koshmaar on December 30 2005 18:20:10
Third version of SDL_Config has been released and it's even badder and better than second one! ;-)

What's new / improved:

- optimizated performance of parsing (CFG_OpenFile) by 21% and saving (CFG_SaveFile) by 6%
- more options for saving files available (especially, saving file so that it resembles original file)
- full support for C-like multiline comments /* */
- at last, pre comments from groups and entries are saved to file!
Also, if more than 2 single line comments stay together before group / entry,
all are classified as its pre comment.
- new test program
- implemented new functions: CFG_GetSelectedGroupName() and CFG_ClearFile()
- more liberal parser
- better documentation, bugfixes etc.

You can download new release from the downloads page, or directly from here. Once again, if you are using SDL_Config 0.2, you should try out new version - it's much better (more stable, faster, more features, better documentation etc.).

Btw, is it a coincidence, that when I was sending this news, visit counter on the lower right of the page got exactly 600 hits?! :-)