SDL_Config 0.2
Posted by Koshmaar on December 30 2005 18:13:38
New, second version of SDL_Config has been released and it's badder and better than ever! ;-)

What's new / improved:

- now, SDL_Config is using everywhere SDL_RWops streams for loading / saving files
- there is some support for C like multiline comments /* */
- original post-comments loaded from groups and entries are saved to file
- more test programs (ie. saving / loading config files to / from compressed .gz files!)
- better documentation
- implemented other utility functions (RemoveGroup, RemoveEntry, GroupExists, EntryExists)
and slightly changed others interaface
- cleaned CFG_SetError() and CFG_CRITICAL_ERROR stuff, so that it's consitent
- many misc bugfixes
- and last but not least, I managed to compile SDL_Config in Visual Studio in C++,
and test programs in C and C++! Also, I've added VS project files for library and test programs.

You can download new release from the downloads page, or directly from here. If you are using SDL_Config 0.1, I wholeheartly encourage you to use new version - it's much better.