SDL_Config 1.2
Posted by Koshmaar on July 11 2008 14:32:30
Another stable SDL_Config version has been released today, few days after it's third birthday! Download it here.

SDL_Config 1.2 changelog:


- Key value replacement! very powerful, integrated nicely with all other SDL_Config
  features like multi value entries
- new functions CFG_AddMultiValueTo*() for inserting entries to multi values
- new function CFG_GetEntriesInSelectedGroup() returns the number of entries
  in currently selected group
- improved C++ interface: overloaded versions of Read(), Write() and 
  AddMultiValueToText() for ease of use
- bool keywords can be modified by CFG_Settings


- fixed bug in ConfigFile implementation of SelectGroup() and RemoveGroup()
- introduced new escape sequence \\" which helps when setting Windows paths
  (see Syntax in docs for more info)
- fixed compilation problem - iterator returned by erase wasn't conforming to standards
  (worked in VS, but not in MinGW which is more standards compliant)
- changed forgotten malloc and free in CFG_OpenFile to new
- float replaced by CFG_Float definition, which might be changed to double,
  if you need the extra size
- CFG_WriteInt used sprintf("%u") to convert ints to text, what means
  that it didn't work when saving negative nubmers - now there's %d and everything works fine
- CFG_Read* returned 0 when someone didn't iterate and asked for value from iteration,
  now in case of problems it returns supplied default value
- removed assert from CFG_GetSelectedFile() which checked whether
  file was selected, what was nonesense
- undef all defines from my library on the end of SDL_config_lib.h,
  preventing you from accidentaly using them
- new test 013 for value substitution
- fixed command line in DevCpp tests
- DevCpp project files for tests 010, 011 and 012
- huge reformatting and dividing of code
- updated to NaturalDocs 1.4, improved docs

Since the internet now is cheap n' fast, I included .lib, .a and .dll files built with default release dll settings, both for VC++ and MinGW (sorry Linux folks! however, this summer I'm gonna get laptop with some open source OS so things will change for better)

Also, now you can donate to SDL_Config to enchance my motivation ;-) more info here.

What will happen in the next release? Now, I'm coming to the place where I'm having problem deciding what to add next to the library, worried that it'll add unnecessary bloat. Do You have any suggestions? what to add/remove, what to improve, what to change?