SDL_Config 1.0
Posted by Koshmaar on August 19 2007 23:22:33
At last, next version of SDL_Config has been completed!
It took me lot of hard work and dedication to create this release, but now you can rejoice for having stable 1.0 version. I decided to make a big step in numeration of versions, because of the changes done, and because SDL_Config was rather stable and feature-complete since a long time ago.

Here's the change log:


- iteration over values of a group
- CFG_Settings allowy to modify library behaviour AT RUNTIME, instead of at compile time
  through clumsy #defines
- first, rough version of ConfigFile (C++ wrapper interface to SDL_Config)
- operations on group and entry comments
- completely rearanged tests, more auto testing, new tests 010, 011 and 012
- improved documentation
- multi value interface extended: added CFG_GetNumberOfMultiValueEntries() and


- CFG_StartGroupIteration takes additional parameter, the type of sorting used (alphabethically
  or original order from cfg file)
- added CFG_ClearGroup() and CFG_GetSelectedEntryName()
- extended functionality of CFG_GetEntryType (pass CFG_SELECTED as key to operate on
  entries during iteration)
- VS8 Debug target outputs SDL_Config_debug.dll instead of SDL_Config.dll (used by tests in Debug target)
- CFG_StartGroupIteration bugfix: now it correctly operates on files without any groups
  (previously it was crashing)
- removed default parameter from CFG_RemoveGroup
- changed SetIterationDirection to SetGroupIterationDirection (wrong name in the first place)
- few litte bugfixes, removed a lot of warnings, code clean
You can download it from here.

Probably you don't know, but two weeks ago, SDL_Config celebrated its second birthday! :-) Some stats for the curious:
- over 1800 downloads of all the 6 released versions
- over 18.000 visits to this site
- over 45.000 hits on
- over 8.000 pages open on

Ok, now I'll take a rest (last few days I was crunching), tomorrow I'll update the site and docs.