Posted by Koshmaar on December 31 2005 16:36:34
SDL_Config source code is released under GNU LGPL license, which full text can be found here.

What it means, in a nutshell:
As you see above, there's one little detail different from LGPL license: if you are statically linking to SDL_Config, you aren't forced to release source code. You can do it if you want, but you don't have to.

This was introduced, since many people prefer to work with staticaly linked libraries, especially when they aren't big / changed often. And because SDL_Config in most cases will be compiled only once, and it's rather small library... you got the deal? No reason to remember about distributing additional DLL.

Btw, if you happen to use this library in your project, credit (ie. displaying somewhere SDL_Config logo) would be cool ;-)
Also, don't hesitate to send me mail about it, so I can gladly add it to this page.