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Last update: 22.01.2014 (links)

This site is about my Total Conversion of one of the best computer games in the world - Liero. What? You don't know what Liero is? Then please read this. But if you are already Liero fan - then welcome.

Ok, so what is this Liero TURBO? As I said before it is Total Conversion of Liero. Why total? Because I changed or improved everything what could be changed or improved. When playing normal Liero and other TC's, there were many things that annoyed me (such as poor weapons, lack of speed or playability), so I started making my own TC. I had only one thing in mind about how it should look like - speed and fun. Game had to be fast as much as it could be without crossing thin line between playablity and disgustment. Also, in contrast to original Liero, where only some weapons were appropriate for play and others were average or lame, I wanted to have only killer weapons. I downloaded some programs from internet and started development process which lasted for few years.

In the meantime I fought thousends of battles with CPU and very few with friend. Yes, I know that's bad for me (as a TC creator I should balance game especially for human vs. human fights), but I can't do anything about it. So, game is really polished only in CPU vs human fights. But you, yes I'm talking to You, you can help me develping perfect TC - just play Liero TURBO with your friends and mail me what is wrong and what can I improve. I will be realy grateful :-)



You can contact me by writing mail at:, or by using Gadu Gadu online communicator: 3928072.

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